And the Most Trusted Tradesmen in Britain are… Electricians. Hurray!

A new study has concluded that the people of Britain find electricians to be the most trustworthy tradesmen working in today’s climate.

The poll, commissioned by clothing brand Helly Hansen Workwear, interviewed 2,000 Britons about their views on various aspects of tradespeople and their personalities, and shed some interesting light on how our opinion of a professional tradesperson is influenced chiefly by their appearance and manner.

A staggering 58% of those surveyed said that they would be more likely to hire someone wearing a uniform, while 40% believed that the uniform was a hallmark of a more professional and higher quality job. It’s little surprise, then, that electricians were thought to be the most presentable of all tradespeople, as well as being the most punctual and having the best manners.

Never Underestimate the Importance of a Good First Impression

These basic standards in professionalism and cordiality are the key reasons why 14% of those surveyed voted electricians the most trustworthy of all tradespeople – more than any other field. Window cleaners and plumbers trailed significantly behind in second and third place, with 8.75% and 8.7% votes of confidence, respectively.

“When it comes to hiring a tradesman, we are placing a lot of faith in allowing that person to work in our home, so we want to know that trust is well placed,” explained the marketing and sales project manager behind the survey, Jacqueline Cheung. “The way someone dresses, holds themselves and the manners they have still have a powerful impact, and can go a long way to reassuring potential customers that they have the right skills and attitude for the job.”

Behind expenses, the appearance, presentation and social skills of a tradesperson are the biggest deciding factors when it comes to choosing whom to hire for a specific job. With four out of ten of those surveyed admitting that they had endured a negative experience with someone from one of the industries in the past, manners and approachability are essential tools in getting ahead of the competition… and electricians are on top of their game.

At the other end of the spectrum, tilers, glaziers and scaffolders were thought to be the least trustworthy. Meanwhile, despite being deemed the most jovial, plumbers were also named as those most likely to overcharge.

Here is the illuminating list of the twenty trades in full, arranged in order of perceived trustworthiness by the Great British public:

1) Electrician

2) Window cleaner

3) Plumber

4) Gardener

5) Joiner

6) Carpet fitter

7) Locksmith

8) Builder

9) Painter and decorator

10) Gasman

11) Cleaner

12) Handyman

13) Bricklayer

14) Chimney sweep

15) Mechanic

16) Roofer

17) Plasterer

18) Tiler

19) Glazier

20) Scaffolder

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