Understanding the Part P Electrical Regulations

What is Part P?

Introduced in England and Wales in 2005, the Part P Electrical Regulations are a legal requirement whereupon electrical installations in dwellings and associated buildings must comply with the UK standard, BS 7671:2008, ‘Requirements for electrical installations’.

In simple terms, it is now required that all fixed electrical installations in homes and associated buildings (such as garages and sheds) are undertaken by a qualified electrician. The installation of new circuits must also be reported to local authorities.

Why Compliance with the Part P Regulations is Important

There were two main objectives in the Government’s introduction of the Part P Electrical Regulations. The first was to reduce the risk of domestic electrical accidents, including fires and electric shocks which are most commonly caused by electrical faults. The second was to restrict unqualified and inexperienced electricians from undertaking work, resulting in faults and leaving installations unsafe.

Part P Compliance ensures that all electrical installations are designed, fitted and tested to industry standard, thus lowering the risk of electrical accidents which cause fatalities, injuries and damages to property.

If you decide to fit or repair an installation yourself or hire someone who is not a certified electrician, you will need to inform the local authorities before the work commences. The work will be inspected upon completion and you will incur a charge for the inspection visit and report. The charge will depend on the scope of the work carried out – more information can be found on the NICEIC website.

Hiring a qualified electrician that is complaint with the Part P Electrical Regulations will eliminate the paperwork beforehand and possibly save you money in the long run. Failing to comply with Part P is a legal offence and you may face a hefty fine. Failure to comply could also affect a future sale of a house, as a buyer’s solicitor will require a compliance certificate to ensure that all electrical systems within the house are safe.

Spark Squad and Part P Compliance

At Spark Squad our fully qualified team of City and Guilds approved, local electricians are Part P Compliant. We always strive to provide professional, reliable and high quality services at affordable prices, and when it comes to regulatory compliance, we take care of it all for you. We are also a NAPIT registered business, which you can read about here.