8 Famous Electricians Who Became Legends

Fame and fortune doesn’t come overnight – even the world’s biggest stars once had to hold down a ‘normal’ job to make a living. For a bit of fun, we’ve compiled a list of eight well known people – from rock and roll stars to footballers – who were once more familiar with a 40 watt light bulb than the flash of the paparazzi’s cameras. Introducing eight famous electricians who became legends:

1. Elvis Presley

Can you imagine the King of Rock and Roll turning up at your house, electrical toolkit in hand? Before his days of intergalactic stardom, Elvis Presley began training to be an electrician. He famously remarked: “I suppose I got rewired the wrong way round somewhere along the line”.

2. George Harrison

The ‘quiet’ Beatle was, once upon a time, an apprentice electrician. By his own admission he wasn’t very successful, admitting in a 1966 interview, “I kept blowing things up, so I got dumped”.

3. Sir David Jason

He has one of the most recognisable faces on television, but before he became one of the best loved British actors, Sir David Jason worked as an electrician. After a number of years in the job, he eventually gave it all up to pursue his acting career.

4. Stuart Pearce

While playing for his local non-league team Wealdstone, Stuart Pearce was working as both an electrician and a plumber. Around five years later, he was recruited as a professional footballer by Coventry City – the beginning of a long and successful playing career.

5. Rowan Atkinson

It’s hard to believe that the man behind Mr Bean could be trusted with a live wire, but Rowan Atkinson does in fact have a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering, obtained from The Queen’s College, Oxford.

6. Sir Bobby Charlton

At his mother’s request, Sir Bobby Charlton worked briefly as an apprentice electrical engineer before beginning his professional footballing career. As one of the true greats of the game, we’re glad he turned his back on the trade!

7. Alfred Hitchcock

The mind that brought you The Birds and Psycho was well-schooled in all things electrical, having studied engineering in London at the tender age of 15. Hitchcock went on to become one of the most revered movie makers of all time.

8. Neil Armstrong

The first man to set foot on the moon spent much of his academic life studying aeronautical engineering; knowledge that was eventually put to very literal use with his historic voyage into space.

After reading this list, there’s no doubt that we electricians are a multi-talented bunch! Are you a superstar in the making? Will you be included in a lit of famous electricians one day?