How Much Does An Electrician Cost?

If you need an Electrician’s services, you’ve probably wondering how much does an Electrician cost?

From routine work to emergency call-outs, it is likely that we will all need the help of an electrician at one point or another.  Whether you are a homeowner, business person, landlord or tenant, it helps to have an idea of costings before you call for assistance with an electrical job – allowing you to understand the difference between extortionate charges, cheap and cheerful quotes and the ‘right price’.

To help you out, we have put together a guide explaining how much a typical electrician costs.

Over the odds, or on the money?

There’s no avoiding the fact that some electricians will charge over the odds, and as a paying customer it is important to understand when this is the case. But when it comes to electricians, the situation is further complicated by the question of quality and safety – and in some cases, you really do pay for what you get.

The right electrician – one with a proven record in delivering reliable electrical work and repairs – will usually occupy a middle-ground when it comes to money – not too expensive, but not too cheap either. But how can you tell when a quote is ‘on the money’?

Last year, consumer site Which? surveyed its recommended electricians to get a better idea of price for 15 standard electrical jobs in the home. The set of results is useful for homeowners to use as a guideline when hiring an electrician.

On average, the survey found that an electrician will charge somewhere between £30-50 to replace a standard light fitting. The typical cost of fitting an electrical cooker is £45 while at the other end of the scale, a complete rewire of an average three bedroom semi-detached house will cost an average of £3,200, taking between 6 and 10 days to complete.

Remember – jobs are typically quicker in new build homes, but will take longer in older houses – so be prepared to pay a little extra dependent on your property type.

What does the price include?

If you are instructing an electrician to carry out work for you, it is wise to ask a series of questions to check what is included in the price. Ask your electrical contractor:

  • Is testing and certification included?
  • Do you have a minimum charge?
  • Do you charge a call-out fee?
  • Will I be provided with an electrical inspection report?

Remember, it is always better to ask – allowing you to understand exactly what you are paying for.